Bible Study:
Ministering: Pastor Barnabas
Recap from last Sunday Sermon
God is a God of orderliness. When you’re disorderly, you cannot walk with
When you’re disorderly. First repent. God will see your repentance and have mercy upon you.
– Look at the life of David. He always prayed a prayer of mercy.
N.B- Every Christian has to have a personal revelation of Who JESUS Christ is.
The age we are living in is a pervasive one. You need to know this JESUS Christ of Nazareth.
Matthew 16:15-16
Romans 8: 35-39
Main Service:
Sermon Message: I Have Heard But Now I See
N.B- Unbelief is the sin. Fornication is not the sin. Witchcraft is not the sin. Lying is not sin.
If you believe, you will not do all these things.
“If you still do all these things, you need to believe.”
– Wake up from your dead works. Wake up from your unbelief.
This is the year God said He will restore unto you. God is not playing!
Pentecostal has nothing to do with the Message of the Hour. Pentecostal is confusion. Pentecost is power.
You need to know the timetable of God. This is not the time to be preaching prosperity.
Luke 21:34-36
“Hold on to the Lord Jesus Christ.”
Prayer: Lord, give unto me the grace to know JESUS Christ.
“Trust in God. Not in any man.”
– God can choose by Himself to help anybody. Leave every matter to God.
Philippians 4:19
It is God that supplies all your needs. Not any man.
The question is: Are you destined for the Kingdom?
This life is a battle. You have to wrestle.
– God will see your motive and bless you.
You can be a prayer warrior in your home. Whatever is disturbing that home will be uprooted.
N.B- The greatest expectation of the whole earth is the soon return of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Daniel watched and prayed. You are also to fast and pray.
“You need such prayer in your life today.”
Read Daniel 9:1-27
Model of the Prayer of Daniel:
1. Seek the Lord with prayer, fasting, supplications and sackcloth, with ashes.
– Confess your sins and the sins of your nation
2. First make your confessions and repent.
3. Give God His proper position.
4. Pray genuinely.
N.B- Daniel 9:27 is what we are waiting for. The last week of Daniel’s 70 weeks.
“That one week is seven years.”
Points to note:
– Watch out for the age you are.
– Watch the movement of Trump.
– All the materials for the temple are already on ground.
“What is the Gentile waiting for? The Gospel will soon go back to the owner.”
– What is going on in the world is building ground for the acceptance of the anti-christ.
N.B- Before the eyes of the whole world is open, the Bride would have gone in the Rapture.
“Please, make your way right with God. Let your motives be right.”
Remember- You can be the one to stand in the gap for your family.
Remain Blessed. Amen.