Sunday Service- 4th of June, 2017


Ministering: Pastor Barnabas

Text: 2 Kings 4:1-37

Topic: Exhortation


Women of Faith


  1. The Widow:


God will never forsake all that put their trust in Him

– That little thing you have in your house that you despise, may be the source of your miracle.

“It is the extent of your faith.”


Note- In verse 6- At this point, she is the one that limited herself.

– However, the miracle still went.


Watch: The ministry of a Prophet.

“What the Prophet tells you to do, don’t undermine it.”


  1. The Shunammite Woman:


– That thing you have, use it for God.

“Is anything too hard for God?”


– It is what you have; God is going to bless you through that.

“Whatever God gives you, He will not add sorrow to it.”


Note – In verse 20, the death that struck the child was a deception of the devil.

“It was just to prove the woman.”

  • God that created the child conquered death for her family.


Hebrews 13:8

When there is crisis, it is not for you to be vomiting nonesense.

– Go to the Bible for your example and hold God unto His Word.


Even without you asking, God knows your need.

– He only needs you to have faith.

Take it to God in prayer.

“What is that challenge in your life that someone else has not passed through?”

There is nothing new under the sun. Go to the Bible.


– It’s not the way you want it that God Himself will want.

Note- Because at the end of the day, all the glory must return to God.


Brothers and sisters, make it right!

  • God will bless and He has already blessed.

“Don’t make that mistake of the past.”

  • Battle with that weak point… Because the devil will want to come through it.

“Once you battle that weak point to stand still, the sky is your beginning.”


Don’t let anything negative pass through your mind.

  • Let your thinking be pure. Let the thoughts of your heart be pure.

“Once you can reconcile and stand with God, nothing will stand your way.”

  • Don’t curse God one day. He is only taking you through an experience.

“What are you weeping over today, that you think God is not alive?”

  • It is not your end in JESUS Name.

“Let’s believe this God. Your latter will be greater than your beginning in JESUS Name.”


Experience of life: you must pass through it.

“Only ask God what He wants you to learn.”


There are women and men of Faith. Find them out and see how they overcame.

– God will see you through that situation. Just have a pure mind.


“Make disappointments a stepping stone to move to higher levels.”

– Don’t weep. Speak the Word of God to that situation.

Jeremiah 29:11


“You need to be toughened, such that your enemy will see you and be running.”

– With God, we have overcome.


Isaiah 54:17

“Trials of life are to promote you, so you will be refined by God.”

– Crisis in life is to promote you. When you know how to combat them with God.


“God will use little things in life to show you His greatness.”

Philippians 4:4


Go home… Digest these things.

– This year is your year.


“Don’t be downcast. No matter what it is, GOD is in it and God knows how to handle it.”

Philippians 4:8-9


Remain blessed.


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