Part 1


Who is Daniel?

  1. Daniel was one of the Hebrew children taken in captivity to Babylon.

Daniel 1:1-6

  1. He was one of the best Hebrew children in all manner of wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Daniel 1:19-20

  1. Out of the four Hebrew children, Daniel was more favoured by God as he was given a special gift which others did not have.

Daniel 1:17

– In addition, God favoured Daniel in vision and in dreams.


Why was Daniel taken in captivity to Babylon?

The people of Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem were taken into captivity to Babylon because of their disobedience to God. Daniel happened to be one of them.

Jeremiah 25: 1- 13


How did Daniel come about this 70 weeks?

  1. After spending 68 years in the captivity, Daniel began to search the books to know the reasons why they were taken in captivity. He searched books and got the reasons and prayed for the forgiveness of his sins and the sins of his people.

Daniel 9: 1-19

  1. Daniel’s prayer moved the hand of God and an angel was sent to Him.

Daniel 9:20-24

– The angel told Daniel that apart from the 70 years they will spend in captivity, another 70 weeks are determined upon the people and the holy city (Jerusalem).


What are the things to happen in those 70 weeks?

Daniel 9:24


Six prophecies will be fulfilled during those 70 weeks of Daniel:

  1. To finish the transgression

Israel had transgressed throughout her long history and it finally climaxed in the rejection and crucifixion of their Messiah.

Matthew 23:29-39

– The transgression was finished in the crucifixion of the Messiah, where blood maketh atonement for sins.


  1. To make an end of sins

The death and resurrection of Christ was the one Perfect Sacrifice for sin forever.

Hebrew 10:12


  1. To make reconciliation for iniquity

This was also accomplished on the Cross.

2 Corinthians 5:18

Ephesians 2:16

– God has reconciled us to Himself by Christ.


  1. To bring in Everlasting Righteousness 

In the plan of redemption, Christ also became our righteousness.

1 Corinthians 1:30

– Christ JESUS who of God is made unto us righteousness.


  1. To seal up the Vision and the Prophecy

The sealing of the Work of God to the Jews was spoken of by Prophet Isaiah. It was sealed up to Israel and they didn’t understand it.

Isaiah 29:9-14

Romans 11:9-12

– Let their eyes be darkened.


  1. To anoint the most Holy

This means that Christ will return to Israel as their King and the Holy City (Jerusalem) together with the Millennium temple shall be anointed.

Joel 3:16-21



This is the summary of all that will take place during those 70 weeks of Daniel:

  1. Jerusalem will be restored and built again.
  2. The Messiah shall come and shall be cut off.
  3. Jerusalem and the Temple shall be destroyed again.
  4. One man will come and stop the sacrifices and offerings to the Most High God.

Daniel 9:25-27


Remain blessed.


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