Show Us The Father


Calvary greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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63-0606 Show Us The Father VGR


28 Well, that’s like our black sins. Once confessed in the Blood of Jesus Christ, it’s forgotten. There’s no more sin, at all. You are free from sin, and there’s no sin about it. It’s not because you-you deserve it, but because the grace of God, that you are. When man sinned, he crossed a great chasm between he and God, and, left, there’s no way back. But, God was full of mercy, He-He took a substitute. And a lamb was that substitute until the fullness of time come, when He, God, made flesh, to take away sin. And now there’s not even a chasm there, between. A man and God become Father and son. There’s no sin, at all. He puts them in the sea of the bleach of forgetfulness, and cannot even remember them no more.

29 Now, we can’t do that. We’re human. We can forgive, but cannot forget. But God is infinite, and He’s so great that He can absolutely forgot you even did it. Think of it. You never did even sin. And there puts a man again in the Presence of God as his Father, and you’re His child. We are sons and daughters of God now, not will be, now we are the sons and daughters of God. Oh, my! That make Methodists feel like shouting. Doesn’t it?”

– Extract from the Message ‘Show Us The Father’

Preached by the Prophet Messenger ‘William Marrion Branham’


Tucson AZ


Remain blessed.