The 70 Weeks of Daniel- Part 3
Ministering: Pastor Barnabas
What concerns us about the Daniel’s 70th Week?
Daniel’s 70th Week is what determines the following events:
1. The Time of Rapture
2. The rise of the anti-christ
3. The Second Coming of Christ
4. The Great Tribulation and the end of this present World System
5. It is the last 7 years before Armageddon
6. When the 70th week of Daniel begins, the Elect of God has about 3 and half years more on the face of the earth.
– Daniel 9:27b
N.B- Week here means 7 years; in the midst of the week means 3 and a half years.
On this website, there are so many things told about the temple. (Reference to the Temple Information)
– For there to be oblation and sacrifice, there must be a temple in place at Jerusalem.
“History and prophecy work hand in hand.”
– The anti-christ will cause the sacrifice and worship to God to seize and force men to worship him instead.
– Revelation 13:7-9
N.B- By this time, the Bride will be no more. She would have gone with the Bridegroom in the Rapture.
– Revelation 12:1-5
– Matthew 25:1-13
Points to Note:
We know the season when JESUS Christ shall come.
N.B- The Bible says we know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of Man cometh, not the season.
– Because God will do nothing without revealing it to His Servant the Prophet. And there is a Prophet for our age (William Marrion Branham) that has come to reveal the end and restore all things.
“A Prophet is a sign unto every age.”
How shall we know when the 70th Week of Daniel begins?
Not every born again child of God will know when the 70th week week of Daniel begins; but the Elects of God will know and probably tell it to others, but many of the other group will not believe.
Daniel 9:27 – Because of the conditions of the world today: war, famine, earthquakes, economic conditions, political unrest, lawlessness, etc., the world powers will call for one world government. By this, they are indirectly expressing the mind of Satan. The world will agree to come together for peace, prosperity and better economic conditions. They will agree to merge their wealth and power for one world government and they’ll agree to put one religious man at the helm of affairs to be the leader because they believe that a religious man will be honest.
This religious leader will later turn out to be the anti-christ but before Satan will enter into this man, he’ll be able to perform wonders, bring peace to the world for some time, improve the economic conditions of the world, feed the poor nations, stop the war in the Middle East and other parts of the world.
Because of what this man will be able to do many so called born again Christians will be deceived and by the time they know otherwise the Elect of God must have been translated.
What are the things that will happen during the 70th Week of Daniel?
1. One World Government with a religious man as the leader
Daniel 11:21
– This present Pope, no other Pope has displayed the diplomacy he is displaying.
“Watch out! It is closer than you expect.”
2. There will be a great revival, the type of which has not taken place since the world began, the sons of God will be manifested and they’ll rule the world with a rod of iron, and this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all nations.
Revelation 12:5
Matthew 24:14
3. The Elect of God are taken to Heaven without seeing death.
Revelation 12:5
1 Thessalonians 4:16-17
“That’s what we call the Rapture.”
N.B- The Bible says alive and ‘remain’ – you must remain in Christ.
4. The mark of the beast will be issued and whosoever will not take the mark won’t be able to buy or sell or do anything. There will be one world religion.
Revelation 13:16-18
5. Severe persecution of the Tribulation saints, the foolish virgins.
Matthew 25:12-13
– There will be severe persecution of the foolish virgins in Matthew 25:11-13 (that is the tribulation saints).
“You must work out your salvation with fear and trembling.”
Revelation 12:17
Revelation 13:7
6. The foolish virgins also known as the tribulation saints shall be taken into Heaven. Many of them after they’ve been killed.
Revelation 12:14
Revelation 15:2-4
Revelation 7:13-17
7. The Great Tribulation, when God shall pour His wrath upon the earth. The war of Armageddon also takes place.
Revelation 15:1
Revelation 16:1-6
– There is no escape when God comes to pour out His wrath upon the earth.
“Escape now for your dare life.”
Matthew 24:21
N.B- The great tribulation is coming upon the nations.
8. The Second Coming of Christ when all eyes shall see Him. No genuinely born again Child of God will be on earth as this time.
Jude 1:14- 15
Revelation 1:7
Mathew 24:22 & 27
The second coming of Christ ends the 70 Weeks of Daniel.
The Millennium comes after the Daniel’s 70th week, when JESUS Christ shall rule and the Kingdom shall be upon His shoulder for 1,000 years. After the millennium reign of Christ some other things follow before the white throne judgement.
What will be your lot during the 70th Week of Daniel?
N.B- It is a time of deep reflection brothers and sisters. Because events are happening all over the world.
During the 70th week of Daniel, some born again Christians (the Elect) shall be taken to heaven without seeing death like Elijah. Not all the born again Christians will go in the rapture.
Matthew 25:10
Mind you, to be born again alone, cannot make you to be one of those that’ll go in rapture because the foolish virgins too were born again.
Many born again Christians of today will fall into the category of the foolish virgins.
What Category will you fall into?
Born again is the qualification to Heaven and to Eternal life, but apart from being born again there are some other qualities that makes the Elect of God to be qualified for the rapture.
Pray to God to count you worthy; continue steadfastly in the Lord; be at the gathering where the fullness of God’s Word and the Bible mysteries are being preached; know the messenger of your age and follow the message of God spoken through him and you shall not fail when Christ shall come.
Read Luke 21:36
Points to Note:
“Wherever you find yourself on the earth, be in Christ.”
N.B- Not be in Church, be in Christ!
– Pray to God to count you worthy, because it is only JESUS Christ that is the Hiding place.
Concluding text: Obadiah 1:1-4
“Let’s humble ourselves and bury ourselves in JESUS Christ.”
Wherever you are, be in Christ.
Luke 21:36
Remain blessed
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