The Rejected King


Calvary greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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94 Do you see? The Holy Spirit is our Judge. God never give us a pope, or a bishop, or anybody, to be a Judge. The Holy Spirit, the Person of God, in the form of the Holy Spirit, is our Judge and our Guide. Now, why is that?

95 Please pardon this rude, and most rude expression. I do not mean it to be mean. I say it from love.

96 But the Holy Spirit says it’s wrong for our women to cut their hair. And it’s wrong for our women to wear little shorts and slacks, and to make up their lips and face with paint. The Holy Spirit says it’s wrong.

97 But we want men to tell us that it’s all right, “As long as we follow me and Samuel.” They like to live through six days, any way they want to, and go to church on Sunday morning. And a fine intellectual college graduate with plenty degrees can speak to them a little sermon that will…a few jokes in it, that would tickle their ears and cause them to be entertained, like some movie or television program. And say a little prayer over them, and send them home with kind of a – a self-satisfied security that they’ve done their religion. That is not the will of the Holy Spirit.

98 The Holy Spirit wants you to live godly, every day in the week, and every night, separating yourselves from the things of the world.

99 But the church don’t want that. They want some man who can- who can interpret the Bible the way that they want to hear It. They won’t listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking through the Bible. Many of them want to say, “The days of miracles is passed.” That’s what tickles the people. They want to say, “There’s no baptism of the Holy Spirit.” The people don’t want to act any different than what the rest of the world acts. They don’t want to get on the street and to have their face washed, and – and men clean countenance, and not cigarettes in their mouth, and – and cigars, and pipes, and – and the things that men do. And women wants their hair cut up real short, and – and little dresses on, and of showing their forms, and things that they want. They – they want men who well tell them, “That’s all right.”

100 Then, the other night, here come a man to tell me, that because that I had preached against such, that a great denomination, about five of them, said, “We’ll drop Brother Branham and have nothing else to do with him. You’ll either call those tapes back, and apologize for them, or we’ll drop you.”

101 I said, “I’ll stand with God’s Word. If it takes everything that’s in my life. I’ll remain with the Word. And I…”


– Extract from the Message ‘The Rejected King’

Preached by the Prophet Messenger ‘William Marrion Branham’


Jeffersonville IN