Ministering: Pastor Barnabas

Topic: Admonition


God has His own provided way.

This is what we call prosperity- to have a good journey.


When man says, this is the way I want to please God, there is already a conflict.

No matter what the situation of life becomes, follow the revelation of the hour.

Because God will always have a remnant in every age and dispensation.


Whatever foundation you lay, leads you through life.

I pray that God will grant you the capacity to break down every ungodly foundation in your life.


– The years before you found grace with God, are all wasted years.

If the motive you come to God is not for the salvation of your soul, there is already disappointment.


Having a character of evil is like planting a seed in your life… That seed will grow and bear fruits

When you get saved, it is for the salvation of your soul.

However, that seed that has germinated has borne fruits… And it will take a while to remove the fruits, them the stems, down to the roots.


“And God is not a magician.”


Brothers and sisters, the coming of the Lord is at hand.

– Tell me one nation that is free from catastrophe

Matthew 24:8

The adverse climate effect is because of man’s misbehavior.

– God said, this is how I want things done, man said no.


Brethren, let’s think of our lives and mend our ways.

– This your self-inflicted evil character, will lead you to destruction.


When those characters are fully blown, they will lead to curses.

– Even the Church will not carry your burden.

Galatians 6:5


“When you come to Church, pray for yourself.”

– You need to fast and pray yourself.


N.B- No man can help you, it is only God that has answer.

If God is warning you and you are stubborn, watch it!



Proverbs 14:12

– The ‘way’ that seemeth right is like a seed, it will mature.

– It will bear fruits and mature into ‘ways’


What are you lots this morning?


Proverbs 16:25

If you are a seed of God, even in afflictions, do what is right.

2 Corinthians 1:20


Whatever it is, think good.

– Even though you are hungry, do not steal.

Philippians 4:8-9


James 1: 1- 27

What makes someone to be scattered – persecution and affliction.

“No man born of woman nor get challenge.”


Trials and temptations will come, it is not a license.

– Wanting nothing means that character wise, there should be no question mark.


God is a God of principle

Under no condition, if you love God, you will obey the law of God.

– When you cannot conquer lust and enticing spirits that is where the seed of evil is planted.


“What you are not matured for, you start it that is the beginning of the end of your life.”




Temptation is not an excuse. God will never tempt you.

Trial is not an excuse. God is with you in that trial.


When sin is finished, it brings forth death.


It becomes double jeopardy if you deceive yourself.

If you do the Word of God you hear, you will prosper in all your ways.


“Search your foundation, what have you used your hand to do.”


To be religious means seeking your own way to please the Lord.

– This will lead you to hell.


It is God that will meet your needs, not Church.

If the Word of God you hear cannot save your soul, Church cannot save your soul.


1 Timothy 5:1-13

For we call anyone a brother or sister, it has to be with purity.

– No brother or sister should be disorderly.

“If you take what you are not qualified for, you have blame.”


– It is not the Church that will pay rent for you.


Those the Church is responsible for:

The first qualification are widows above 60 years that are faithful sisters.


Final Points to note:


For God to remember you, God will want to see your consistency.


The House of God is not where you behave anyhow. It is better you don’t go there.
Affliction and temptation is not an excuse.


God will fight for you in your innocence.


Meditate upon these word.


Remain blessed.


The Saviour’s Bride Mission