Sunday Service- 23rd of July, 2017


Ministering: Pastor Barnabas


Topic: Exhortation



In the exposition of the Word of God, I know God will give you the capacity to relate what you’re hearing to what is happening all around you.


Watch and Pray

See Luke 21:36

– Praying always is for preparation


Looking at prophecies fulfilling:

Developments in Israel’s Temple Mount – Breaking: Major Prophetic Development in Jerusalem


God’s promise to Israel

Read Joshua 1:4

– This is the original land deal for all the lands of Israel.


The fulfilment of the prophecy

Read Joshua 21:43-45

– God gave Israel all the lands He promised them, gave them rest and made them overcome all their enemies.


Note- But because of the disobedience of Israel (Level 5 according to Leviticus 26: 27-39), the Israelites have a setback till today.


The last week of Daniel’s 70 Weeks is unfolding before us (the 70th Week of Daniel)

“God Himself is shaking events.”


– Everything needed for the building of the Temple is already in place. (Reference to the Temple Information)


“Brethren, put your lives in order!”


Note- Remember this date- July 14, 2017- The day Israel took back the Temple Mount.

“The year 2017 is significant.”


– I hope you are right with the Lord?


Keep yourself in remembrance: 

Exodus 17:14

2 Peter 1:12


Where are you in your promised land- which is the Holy Spirit of God?


– The law of God, the commandments of God, the warnings of God, is for your good.


Do not despise the warnings of God, because events are happening fast.


See 2 Chronicles 20:20

If you don’t believe God’s prophet, you are in condemnation.

“God has sent His prophet to this age- William Marrion Branham.”


In conclusion:

– God will establish you and God will then prosper you.


Read 2 Corinthians 13: 1-14


Remain blessed. Amen


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