The Indictment

Calvary greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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63-0707M The Indictment VGR (1)

282 Let’s see now. Yes, sir. Call to repentance, and my indicting now.

283 This new Calvary is the – the church, so-called, most holy places, great pulpits, Catholicism altar, Catholic altar, called their pulpit. The Methodist, the Baptist, the Presbyterian, the Lutheran, the Pentecostals, the most holy places, there He receives His hardest pierces. A new Calvary! Where is it found at? In the holy places, the church.

284 Where is He crucified at? From the pastors. You hypocrites, you know better than that! I’m not angry, but something inside of me is stirring. God has been thoroughly identified among you.

285 Where did He get His spears at, in His side? Where did He get His pierces? On Calvary. Where does He get it today? In the pulpit. Where did they come from? Jerusalem. Where do they come from? The denomination. The ones who claimed to love Him, that’s who did it. That’s who does it today. His second Calvary, where He receives His pierces against the Word, that’s what pierces Him. Who is He? He’s the Word. He is the Word. Where is He pierced the hardest from? The pulpit in the holy places, just like it was then.

286 I’ve got a right to indict this generation. I’ve got a right to do it, as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, with His signs, and proving that He is God. I got a right to bring indictment against this generation. Cause, His hardest spear points has been right from the pulpits, where they’ve criticized and said, “Don’t go out to hear that stuff. That’s of the devil.” Right in the place that’s supposed to love Him!

287 And the very signs that Jesus said would take place, “The Word of God is sharper than a two-edged sword; the Word, a discerner of the thoughts, of the intents of the heart.” And it’s called the devil, where from? The pulpits, the holy places.

288 Oh, God, how can He look down? Just – just mercy, that’s all, grace. We can’t do nothing else but head for judgement. We’re already there. Uh-huh.


– Extract from the Message ‘The Indictment’

Preached by the Prophet Messenger ‘William Marrion Branham’


Jeffersonville IN