Ministering: Pastor Barnabas

Topic: The Mark Of The Beast

Text: Revelation 13



Events are happening

Prophecies are manifesting

History is fulfilling and God is not keeping us in darkness concerning His Will.


Note- We will continue to do housekeeping in our lives.


All things that are happening now, surely must come, JESUS declared all of them.

– That is why you’re not in darkness

Let’s do housekeeping in every way.


“We are little assembly with a mighty God- don’t belittle yourself.”

– What you have heard here, let it contribute into your life.

You can support the work of God by prayers that move mountains.


“The outreach that is going out, people are responding with joy.”

That’s why we need to encourage ourselves.

– Because the Word of God must go out.


Sub-text: Lamentations 3:22-23


The Foolish Virgins and their Tribulations will go out next on YouTube.

– There is need for warning, because events and fulfilling fast.



Between The book of Daniel and the book of Revelation are almost 800 years apart.

– Between AD90 (when the Book of Revelation was written) and now is over thousand years apart.

“God is fulfilling His Word.”


This is not the time again to be careless. No time to do what you used to do again. The door may close.

– You the Bride of Christ should be more thirsty for lost souls.


Today, we will listen to the message, the mark of the beast

The opposite of the mark of the beast is the seal of God.

– The Prophet (Brother William Marrion Branham) preached the two messages.

“If you don’t have the seal of God, you will have the mark of the beast.”

– You cannot work for both of them.


“Please, let’s take the Word of God serious.”

– God will bless you as you listen.


Video on micro managing employees

Luke 21:36


The mark of the beast

Revelation 13:8-18


From AD90 to 2017:

The first 2000 years, the waters of Noah

The next 2000 years, the coming of Christ for our salvation

The coming 2000 years, the pending judgment upon the world


– We are living on borrowed time.


The mark of the beast is not something you pray for your enemy.


What seal are you having brother?


Sermon Message- The Mark Of The Beast (1954)

54-0513 The Mark Of The Beast VGR


In closing:

Matthew 23:1-39


Who are the Scribes and Pharisees of our days? Denominations of our days!

– There are already woes placed on them.


Note- Any connection with Catholic is the mark of the beast.

“All these shall come to pass upon this Church age – Laodicea church age.”

– O Church, o Church… This warning is to the church today!


Warning- Embark on housekeeping


Do listen to the complete audio message from the Church Service here Audio Church Message

Remain blessed.