Looking Unto Jesus

Calvary greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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64-0122 Looking Unto Jesus VGR

8 Hear people say, “Look.” If they mention the word look, means, “to pay attention, look up, or to look at, and look out.”

9 And now God is saying here, “Look unto Me. I am God, and there is none other.”

10 And I wonder, in a time that we are living in now, what could we look to that would be more solid than God? And God is the Word, so look to the Word of God, today, for your answer. The Bible has the answer for this day. It’s had it for other days. It’s got it forever, because it is Christ the same yesterday, today and forever.

11 The Bible has the answer, because the Bible is the revelation of Jesus Christ, being revealed since the foundation of the world. He has been revealed in the form of prophets, He has been revealed in the form of kings, He has been revealed in the form of law-givers, because that’s what He is: King, Prophet, Law-Giver, and God.

     Now, He said, “Look to Me.”

12 And you say, “I’ve done that.” It depends on what you looked at, determines what you look at, is where and what you look for Him for. What are you looking at? What purpose do you have in looking at Him? It only depends on what you look for, that’s what you find.”

– Extract from the Sermon Message ‘Looking Unto Jesus’

Preached by the Prophet Messenger, William Marrion Branham

64-0122 (Phoenix AZ)