Why Cry Speak

Calvary greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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157 “I’m one of them.” Yeah. His faith did that. His faith sparked. Yes, sir. He saw it. It was a hard thing to get them to that promise, but he took his choice to go with them, anyhow. Regardless of what they did to him, and what they turned him down, he went anyhow. He was going out with them.


158 Now I hope you’re reading. All right. Go with them, anyhow. Make, be one of them, that’s right, because it’s your duty. Might be a hard fight, and a lot to go through, but go anyhow.


159 But his faith led him to take the choice of the Word, and not the glamour. He took the Word. That’s what Moses’ faith did. When faith looks on God’s worst…Remember, here was the glamour now, the world, the highest, king of the world. And where was God’s promised? In the mud hole, a mud daubers.


160 But when faith, when faith looks at God’s worst, it esteems it greater and more valuable than the best the world can show. Yes, sir. When faith looks at it, when faith can see it, when faith in the Word can see the Word made manifest, it’s more than all the glamour and archbishopry and everything else you can speak of. Faith does it. See? You can see the worst, the despised, the rejected, the whatever it might be; let it be at its worst, and yet faith will esteem that a million miles higher than the best the world can produce. Amen! That’s the way we sing that song, “I’ll take the way with the Lord’s despised few.” See? Oh, my!


161 For, you see, faith sees what God wants done. Oh, I hope this goes in. Faith doesn’t look at the present time. Faith doesn’t see this here. Faith looks to see what God wants, and it works accordingly. That’s what faith does. It sees what God wants, and what God wants done, and faith operates through that.


162 Faith is a long-range vision. It don’t lower its sights. It holds to the target. Amen! Any good shooter knows that. See? That, its long range. It’s a – it’s a telescope. It’s a binocular that you don’t look around here. You don’t use binoculars to look to see what time it is; see, you don’t use that. But you use binoculars to look a way off.


163 And faith does that. Faith picks up God’s binoculars, both of them, both sides, the New and Old Testament, and sees every promise that He made. And faith sees it out yonder, and faith chooses that regardless of what the present tense says here. He looks at the end. He don’t drop his sights down to look this a way. He looks out yonder. He keeps the crosshair dead center on the Word. That’s what faith does. That’s the faith that’s in a man that does those things.


– Extract from the Sermon Message 

‘Why Cry? Speak!’

Preached by the Prophet Messenger,

 William Marrion Branham

63-0714M (Jeffersonville IN)