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63-0623M Standing In The Gap VGR

49 That when a man falls in love with Jesus Christ, the things of the world…When you think of what He did for you in the light of the Scripture, not in the light of some emotion, but in the light of facts, what it is, then there is something happens in you. When the new Birth comes, the sin is dead as midnight. When as long as that Light is in you, how can darkness shine? It cannot do it. That’s what God did to one man who throwed hisself in the gap that could take the promise. And Moses being a-a type of this Antitype, that’s why Moses stood in the gap for the people.



50 Then I wonder, in this day, of this loose, lazy, soft Laodicea age that we live in. We all know, and have been through the Church Ages, that we’re living in the last age, the Laodicea Church Age. And this lazy, loose, happy-go-lucky, joking, sinful age of lust that we’re living in now, it’s a wonder that God doesn’t just say, “Step back, church, I’ll just liquidate the whole group.” See? What an age that we’re living in! And He will do that one of these days, too. We know that it’s coming. There isn’t going to be no sparing to this, because He’s, already, Someone died for those who wanted to escape. But He’ll take those who was, or has accepted Christ and become Christians, they’ll be taken out of the wrath. Cause, then He could not do it; there was no way of doing it in the time of Moses.



51 Now in the Book of the Revelation, when we get to the Laodicea Church Age. In the Revelation, the 3rd chapter, the Bible said that this age, the Laodicea age, was “blind.” Said, “Because you are ‘rich,’ you say you’re ‘rich,’ and you’re ‘increased in goods’; greatest churches, the finest dressed people, the greatest that there has been in any age. Because you say, ‘I have need of nothing.’ Knowest thou not that thou art poor, miserable, wretched, naked, blind, and don’t know it.”



52 Now if a man was in this condition, and you could tell him his condition, he would try to help himself if-if he was mentally right. But when he’s in that condition and you can’t tell him any different, he just don’t believe that he’s naked, he doesn’t believe that he’s in that shape, then it shows here that he is blind. The god of this world has blinded the eyes of those that refuse to serve Christ, and they’ve…so blind they can’t see the sign that we’re living in, the hour, the time that we are living in. And remember, there’s already been One stand in the gap, and no one else can stand. You either have to accept that, that remedy, or you’re doomed.



53 Now, now to us, to get close now to what I want to say. Could we stand…Now I’m preaching to myself, in this. Could we stand and see a human being that’s blind, physically blind, and know that he’s walking over a cliff, could we in our-our state of mind, that we’re in this morning, could we stand and see a blind man walk over a cliff, blind, and not try to warn him? It would be, there, would be so cruel. We would be so indifferent in our heart. Could you imagine, a person getting so indifferent that he could almost laugh, and see a blind man, that cannot see and can’t help hisself, deliberately walk over a cliff? That would be a-a bad thing; do nothing about it.



54 Well, to my brethren, world over, I want to make this confession. I-I humbly say it, that that just about what I was doing, or fixing to do. I had been preaching for years, and I-I become an old man and an old veteran preacher, and had a lot of hard battles, and maybe I’m scarred, all cut up on the inside, from fights. Because, my lot, that the Lord gave me, was not back to kiss the babies, and-and to marry the young, and bury the old. But it was to hold a two-handed Sword at the battle front, against the wiles of-of paganism and demonology, and-and the powers of darkness, and fight it with the Word of God till I seen the enemy defeated. I been cut deep, many times.



55 Then when I come with the Message in this day, and have said to the church the things that I am about to say. And I predicted years ago, when the Holy Spirit called me to this work. And there isn’t a person living on earth today that could ever say that the Lord ever let me tell you anything in His Name, but what come to pass just exactly the way it was to be done.



– Extract from the Sermon Message 

‘Standing In The Gap’

Preached by the Prophet Messenger,

 William Marrion Branham

63-0623M (Jeffersonville IN)