Recognizing your day and its message

Calvary greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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 70 So, which a way your nature is this morning! If you’re a doubter of God’s Word, you would be a doubter over there. I don’t care how holy you are, how you live, and how good you live, it wouldn’t change you one bit to die, just your dwelling place. And if you can’t accept the whole Word of God the way It’s written, you wouldn’t do it There; so, don’t worry, you won’t be There.

You’ve got to accept It in Its fullness, in the power of Its vindication and the revelation of what It is, then you become a part of It. It’s only His Word that He’ll raise up, as He did His Word on the first Easter morning. Only His Word came forth, and those who had died in His Word, believing His Word and vindicated His Word.


71 Notice, now, that’s been twenty-seven hundred years ago. Notice, they were scattered, they were blinded, and now they’ve been gathered. Now, the next thing is that they are to receive Life.


72 And the Gentiles are called out. The Bride is ready. The Rapture is at hand. Can we realize that? Can we actually believe that? Is it a story that’s been told? Is it a myth, to us? Is it a something that sounds real? Is it something that we, outside, can believe? Or, is it something that’s in us, that’s part of us, that it’s more than life to us? What attitude do we set in, this morning, in this tabernacle? Remember, it’ll be a small flock that receives It.


– Extract from the Sermon Message 

‘Recognizing Your Day And Its Message’

Preached by the Prophet Messenger,

 William Marrion Branham

64-0726M (Jeffersonville IN)