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Accepting God’s Provided Way At The End Time

Accepting Gods Provided Way At The End Time

Calvary greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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63-0115 Accepting Gods Provided Way At The End Time VGR

20 I always was afraid to die. Not afraid that I’d be lost, but I didn’t want to be a spirit. I only…I want to be a human, a man. Cause, I always understood as a man, shake people’s hands. I’d think, “What if I’d get there and I’d meet Brother Rose, and he’d be a little, white cloud or something? I know it was Brother Rose, by some other sense, but I couldn’t shake his hand. I couldn’t talk to him. Or…” I- I’d wonder, “Wouldn’t that be awful?” But, I thought, “Then when I returned back, course, I’ll have a resurrection.”

21 That Scripture had never occurred to me before, that, “If this earthly tabernacle be dissolved, we have one already waiting.”

22 So that morning, I had gotten up. I was thinking, “Boy, you’re fifty years old. If you’re going to do anything for the Lord, you’d better hurry up. You’re going to be too old, after while.”

23 And all at once, I was caught up into this place, and could look back and see myself down here. Never had that experience. Many times I’ve had visions of seeing myself standing somewhere, and then…Oh, if you don’t understand it, you’d think you’d lost your mind. You, you are here, watching yourself there. And then you leave here, and you’re in yourself there. Uh-huh. It’s maybe way back, years ahead, and so forth. It’s hard to explain. You don’t. You can’t explain it.

24 You can’t explain God. You got to believe Him. See? If you can explain it, then it’s no more faith. You just have to believe it.

25 And after He had told me, seeing all these people, and they were…They had bodies. They…There couldn’t be sin. The men and women…Those women were hugging me, and they were women. But there were no possibility of ever being sin again, because, see, the glands of our bodies will be changed there. We have…We’re different sex now, because that’s for reproducing the world, and our- and our marriage to bring children. But then there’ll be no more need of that. There’ll be no more children born. We won’t have sex glands in the new world, see, not at all. But, yet, the woman will be woman, in stature. And so will men be men. But there will be no more male and female among them, in that way. And them glands won’t be in, so there’ll be no way at all for Satan to ever play another trick on them. So, in that, I noticed.

26 These women run up and throw their arms around me, and say, “Our precious brother, I am so happy that you are here.” Now, it was amazing. All of them, young, all the most prettiest women, long hair, dresses long, you know, like robes, white silk-like robes. And how pretty they looked!

27 Then here come brethren, just…And the most handsome men I ever seen, looked like all of them about twenty years old. And their eyes, sparkly. They, oh, they just every ounce of man. And I wondered. And they were picking me up and hugging me and saying, “Our precious brother.”

28 I wondered how. I looked back down and could see myself down here, yet, laying down. Well, now, thought, “That’s strange.” And then I asked.

29 There’s a real lovely lady come up, threw her arms around me, said, “Oh, Brother Branham, we’re so happy you’re here, our precious brother.”

30 I looked at her, as she went away. And that Voice that was talking to me, said, “Don’t you recognize her?” I said, “I- I do not.” Said, “She was past ninety when you led her to Christ.”

31 And there she was, the most beautiful thing I had looked at, in the way of a woman. And I said, “No wonder she said ‘Precious brother.’” See? Now she can never change no more. She’s that way for Eternity.

I said, “I want to see Jesus.”

32 Said, “He’s higher than this. Someday He will come, and you’ll be judged by the Gospel that you preached, ’cause you was the leader.” I said, “Well, will Paul have to be judged by his crowd?” He said, “Yes.” I said, “I preached the same Gospel he did. Just exactly the way he said It, that’s the way I said It.”

33 And them millions of voices screamed out, “We’re resting on That.”


– Extract from the Sermon Message ‘Accepting God’s Provided Way At The End.’

Preached by the Prophet Messenger, William Marrion Branham

63-0115 (Phoenix AZ)



SUNDAY SERVICE- 10th of September, 2017

The Foolish Virgins and their Tribulations- Part 2



As God is telling you about what is happening in this end of age, take heed.

–          All the things we have been saying are happening before our eyes.

See the cases of natural disasters in Florida, Mexico and even Benue state in Nigeria


The Work of God is moving and will continue to move by the grace of God.



The Coming of the Lord is the Rapture

The second coming of the Lord is the Great day of the Lord

1 Thessalonians 4

Revelation 10

Matthew 25

–          Rapture will take place while activity in the Church system will still be going on.

Be ready! Pull down every weight and those things that easily beset.

There is high sensitivity among the Bride- everyone knows something is going to happen soon.

“It is time to get prepared for the coming of the Lord.”

–          It is your soul that matters to us.

Let us wake up!!!

–          Though some of the Bride are still buried in denomination, God will do something to make them come out.

–          They must come out. Because the whole Church system is all married to their mother harlot – the Roman Catholic Church.

The cares of this world will not hold you down by the grace of God.

Matthew 24: 4

The wisdom of the Holy Spirit will guide the elects even in the age we are.

–          We are grateful to God. We have every cause to be grateful. Because God has not forsaken us

–          He never put us in darkness concerning His mind for His age.

–          But if we become careless, we have no one to blame.

“We will continue to warn.”

Jude 1: 1- 5

2 Peter 1: 12

The scriptures answer the scriptures. Bible answers Bible

–          God has not put us in ignorance. But if you are lazy, it is a different thing all together.

–          Laziness should not be the hallmark of the Bride.

Matthew 24: 24

“It is not possible for the very elect to be deceived- to the extent that you are sensitive.”


Main Service:

Topic: The Foolish Virgins and their Tribulations (Continuation)

Text: 1 Thessalonians 5: 4

The midnight cry is on now, Brethren

–          This midnight cry with continue until the wise virgins are away with the Bridegroom

Matthew 24: 6

“This is part of the midnight cry!”

May of the wise virgins are still sleeping in their various denominational Churches.

–          And yet they are wise virgins.

But the midnight cry will continue and intensify and culminate into the greatest revival that has ever occurred on the face of the earth.

–          The manifestation of the sons of God.

Romans 8: 19

And the wise virgins will wake up from their slumber and join the revival which will be outside of the Church system.

–          The great revival will be likened to the signs and wonders performed in the Acts of the Apostles. E.g., where the shadow of Peter healed the sick.

See Acts 5: 15

–          This manifestation is still ahead.

–          Even, you saw it in the manifestation of the Prophet Messenger- William Marrion Branham in this Laodicea church age. E.g, the visit to India, the visit to South Africa, etc., were divine healings took place.

–          When this revival coming takes place, the wise virgins in these dead Churches will wake up

This great revival will start about the beginning of the Daniel 70th week. The foolish virgins will still not see anything special in this revival and they won’t come out of their denominations. There is no more oil in their lambs to be able to see what God is doing in the outside of the systems.

–          They will still be listening to prosperity which is not there.

Before the start of the great revival, all denomination of Churches will join themselves together.

–          They have already done that! There are videos on YouTube about the unification of Churches.

–          Very soon, the Bible and the books of other religions will be forced into one book for a ‘one world religion’

–          All the Pentecostal group and the protestant churches will be tricked into a massive confederation of Churches. They are already tricked.

–          Now, we have got the ‘world council of Churches’. It is in existence

–          We have also got the Christian Association of Churches (CAN) in Nigeria, recognised by government.

–          All Churches in Nigeria are members of CAN and also World Council of Churches.

–          You may know that no Church can operate without the approval of the government, which will depend on the recommendation of CAN.

–          All denominational Churches, including Deeper life, Apostolic faith and all other evangelical Churches are in the Confederation.

“Any gathering you find yourself, find out if they are member of CAN, and run for your life!”

This midnight cry revival will be outside the confederation of Churches, because you cannot go to denominations (e.g., Anglican, Catholic, etc.) today and preach this kind of message. It is not part of their Bible school, their creed and dogma.

Yet, you still have wise virgins in these denominations. When the revival will start outside, they will come out.

Revelation 3:20

This midnight cry is outside their Church system, it’s outside their dogma, and it’s outside their creeds.

God Himself is preparing some people secretly through a message He will use for this revival. And that message is already in the land. They won’t be organised. You may not even know their base.

They are individuals, living stones whom God will use to gather His elects out of Babylon.

–          Azusa revival will be a child’s play compared to this revival coming up.

The foolish virgin will not come out of the Church system (Babylon) during the revival, because many of them will be enjoying fame and positions in their Churches as elders, area leaders, zonal leaders, Sunday school teachers, choristers, instrumentalists, etc. They will also be enjoying the counterfeit revival which is mixed with witchcraft that will be going on in the Churches during the midnight cry revival.

–          Case study of Moses and the magicians in Egypt – there was still a difference.

–          Watch your steps.

–          The Church system will fall into the hands of the anti-christ.

–          Because all Churches have joined themselves together (in the world council of Churches), it will be easy for the anti-christ to take them over.

–          Pope is the head of them.

We cannot talk about the tribulation of the foolish virgins without mentioning the anti-christ, because he is the one to wage war against them during the tribulation.

–          The anti-christ will come upon the scene very soon.

N.B- Everything about the physical temple in Israel is ready for the building of the temple.

For the first half of the reign of the anti-christ, he will be a good man who will bring peace and prosperity upon the world.

N.B- The calamities in the world today is felt by everyone all over the world.

In the face of wars, conflicts and all these confusion, the whole world will soon start looking for a man that has solution – a religious man. Because of the situation, he will be able to win the love of everyone. He will used the food stored in countries with excess (e.g., America) to feed the hungry nations. He will bring peace and prosperity upon the world and because he is a religious man, many miracles will be wrought through him.

Revelation 13: 11-14

“Brethren, let’s put our house in order.”

Many people including the foolish virgins shall be deceived by his good words and his religious inclinations.

See Matthew 24: 24

N.B- It is not possible to deceive the elects, because they listen to the voice of God.

This religious man will be head of the Church system as well as the head of the ‘one world government’ which will soon come upon the scene.

–          The religious, economic and political powers will merge at a point and their powers will be handed to this man.

N.B- What we are saying in this message may look like tales from the dessert, but I tell you, ‘it is the truth’.

“And it shall come to pass.”

Read Habakkuk 2: 3

At the head of this one-world government, an assassination attempt will be carried out to kill him but it will fail. Immediately after this attempt, Satan will enter into him. This good religious man, the champion of the Church system will change into the most wicked man that has ever appeared on the world’s scene.

The midnight cry revival will still be on at the time he changes into the beast. The revival will upset both him and the Church system. But before they could do anything to hurt the elect, they are raptured.

Revelation 12: 1-5

N.B – Watch and Pray

The tribulation of the foolish virgins when their good man changes to a beast will begin.

N.B- The elect will never be deceived at any point.

Because of the failed assassination attempt, the good religious man will turn into the anti-christ. He will issue a mark of the people to take as a sign of support for his government and anybody who refuses the mark will be taken as an anti-government and won’t be able to buy or sell or transact any business.

–          This is where the mark of the beast comes in.

In the name of peace, he will change the Christian Bible and give them another one that will be acceptable to all religion.

N.B- Even nowadays, the Bible translations are being watered down.

The anti-christ bible will be acceptable to all the Jews, to Catholics, to Protestants, to Muslims and other false religions. He will tell the Christians not to preach or pray for the sick in the Name of Jesus. At this point, the foolish virgins will wake up in Babylon and their eye will open. This is when their tribulation starts.

They will remember Revelation 13: 8

“Are you in the Church triumphant?”

They will know that to take the mark of the beast is to lose their salvation. They will be between two opinions – either to take the mark of the beast and buy, sell, work or reject the mark of the beast and starve to death and suffer the wrath of the anti-christ.

The wise virgins have been translated and the foolish virgins won’t want to miss their last chance for eternal life. They will remember how they have been following the Lord since they were born again, they will cherish their salvation more than food and drink. They will reject the mark of the beast and his bible. This is the beginning of their tribulation.

–          By this time, there will be no hiding place.

–          There is already a computer that can capture the whole world.

–          With anti-christ, there is no hiding place, better hide in Jesus Christ now.

–          The anti-christ will be mad with them. He will fight them and overcome them

Revelation 12: 17

Revelation 13: 7


What does the Church system comprise of?

  1. The wise virgins
  2. The foolish virgins
  3. The worldly people

The worldly people are the religious ones who love giving to Church but are not bothered about being born again. Their religion doesn’t stop them for practicing traditional rights and rituals.

The wise virgins woke up early in Babylon during the midnight cry of the great revival and came out of the lukewarm Church system.

The foolish virgins do not see anything special in the midnight cry and stay put in Babylon until the mark of the beast forced them out.

When the anti-christ issues his mark, the worldly people in the Church system will not see anything wrong with it. They will take the mark and the anti-christ bible and continue their worship.

There won’t be a hiding place for the foolish virgins during the tribulation. They shall be betrayed by their fellow brothers in the Church system who have received the mark of the beast

Mark 13: 12-13

They will run helter skater for their lives, but there won’t be a hiding place for them. New satellites are been put in place that can literally see all the earth and keep tracks of all movements. They are also working on a computer that can control six billion transactions in a second – keeping track of the whole world.

What does that mean in relation to the anti-christ? It will therefore mean that in one second, the anti-christ can identify everyone in the United States, for example.

In the next second, he can identify all those who are Christians. In the third second, he can identify the streets one lives on. In the fourth second, he could identify how many are in a family. In the fifth second, he can program all the computer in the local supermarkets, department and banks to forbid one from making any transactions.

All the foolish virgins will be caught and cast into prisons, tortured and killed. They will force people to be tortured for the watching of the whole world. Wives will be raped before their husbands and killed. Children will be tortured before their parents and killed. And many more agonising experiences.

The foolish virgins will pray to God during this experience, but He will not answer.

Matthew 25: 12

Millions of them will be tortured and killed, but they won’t receive the mark of the beast. They will make heaven through death and God will receive them and wipe away their tears.

Revelation 6: 9- 11

Revelation 7: 9-14

Revelation 15: 1-3


God will protect some of the foolish virgins during the tribulation. Those who are able to run into the wilderness during the tribulation. Some of them will hear about the wilderness on or before the tribulation and those that are able to run there will be protected for three and a half years. The anti-christ will not see them and God will keep them and feed them there.

Revelation 12: 13-14

Many foolish virgins will not know about the wilderness and those that know will not be able to fly there.


In conclusion:

Your future is in your hands. Foolish virgin group is not a place to be. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!

Let us wake up from our slumber, Brethren!

Time is sooner than you expect.

Habakkuk 2: 2-3

Foolish virgin group is not a group to be. We have made the vision plain upon the tables, that you may read and run for your life!

No Church or group can make anybody a wise or a foolish virgin. What group to be is in your hands.

You have every right to choose where you want to be.

The denominational Pastor will tell you they have all that you need to go in the Rapture. They will tell you not to receive tracts apart from their own. They will tell you not to attend any other gathering apart from their own. They will tell you to mark those that preach differently from the doctrine of their Church and avoid them.

Some members of the Deeper life, Apostolic faith, etc., will not receive any other tracts apart from their own no matter how revelative. They are loyal to their Pastors and Church manuals. They will all see their blidness during the tribulation.

Those that are wise among them received God’s revelation and abandoned Babylon.

Your future is in your hands! Run for your life! Prepare for the coming of the Lord (the Rapture)!

You that have been saved, stand up for the salvation of others. Go out and preach the Gospel. Spread this good tidings. Stand in the gap!!!

Mark 16: 15

Tell those still bound in dead organisations that if care is not taken, they will be trapped and miss the Rapture.

Are you certain of the category you are in?








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SUNDAY SERVICE – 20th of August, 2017

Topic: Admonition

Text: Revelation 12: 1-2


We saw a couple videos on Revelation 12: 1 – 2 and its correlation with the upcoming happenings on the 23rd of September 2017. We also saw predictions on happenings in year 2017.

Put three things together:

  1. The 5 Nostradamus Predictions for 2017
  2. NASA Confirm: September 23th, 2017 is when NIBIRU PLANET X will convert Earth to an ICEBALL
  3. What will happen Aug 21st to Sept 23rd? Where is America in Bible Prophesy?


  • Put them back to the love of God upon your soul.

“We did not leave you in darkness.”

Note: The reason we talk by the grace of God is for the rescue of souls.

  • We are not afraid because God goes ahead to deliver us from every arrow.


Brothers and Sisters, deliver your souls- it is sooner than expected.

“Go and reflect – a word is enough for the wise.”

Read Revelation 2: 29

It is time for housekeeping

  • Put your house in order
  • Put yourself in order

Read Galatians 6: 7

Galatians 3: 1


Everyone is looking or cheap escape.

Note: That cheap escape is not there.

“The only escape is in the Lord Jesus Christ – the Message of the Hour.”

  • He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

The issues with Christians is not that God cannot save, it is because they have not repented.

Study Revelation 2: 5

  • Retrace your steps and see God’s manifold Hand of blessings manifest in your life.



  • The Lord has given unto us in this end of time a message of restoration
  • We are coming from somewhere and we are going back home
  • This world is not your home, you are only passing through
  • There is a standard and a pattern for you to follow
  • You cannot copy the world, the world has to copy you


Read Luke 14: 16-24

Many men and women are bidden to the marriage supper – a great supper.

  • Those that were bidden did not agree to attend, they began to give excuse
  • Today, it has become a common characteristics of men
  • God gave you and I an invitation
  • Many today are giving excuses
  • This did not stop the great supper
  • In the same way, the coming of the Lord, there is nothing that can stop it
  • The attitude of the church, unbelief, among others cannot stop it


Meditate on Matthew 22: 14

There is an eternal prescription in the Bible in Acts 2: 38 for you to be the chosen of the Lord.

The world is heading for hell.

Only the Bride is preparing for the coming of Christ.



Line up with the Message of the hour, line up with the Truth, line up with the Bible.


Remain blessed.


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The Mark of the Beast is the ‘confederation of apostasy’

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“This is the third time I am coming to you. In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.” – 2 Corinthians 13:1 (KJV)

Read prayerfully a blog post on ‘The Mark of the Beast’ here Brother Paul Brake of God’s Opinion Blog

Remain blessed.

Revelation 229

SUNDAY SERVICE – 13th of August, 2017

Ministering: Pastor Barnabas

Topic: The Seal of God


Notes on the Message:

– It is a time for house cleaning.


The Cross of Christ is not for you to get praises. It is shame.


The Word of God is there to guide you.

– You rather be purged by the Word of God.


Note- The Prophet preached a message titled ‘Influence’

“Be a positive influence.”


– JESUS Christ coming back is not ‘weeping JESUS’, He is the ‘judgement JESUS’


If you allow devil and pride to use you, you will pay dearly for it.

– It’s better you deliver yourself, so you can be positive influence for those going to heaven, so your reward will be great.


“If the Bride of Christ disappoints God, God is able to raise up from stones a Bride to Himself.”


– Search yourself. What is that thing that may hinder you?

2 Peter 1:10


This day, let us make our election sure… Unto the structure of a perfect man.

“The Church Age is closing.”


Sermon Message: ‘The Seal of God’

Find PDF version here 54-0514 The Seal Of God VGR


Do listen to the complete audio message from the Church Service here Audio Church Message

Remain blessed.

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Looking Unto Jesus

Looking Unto Jesus

Calvary greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Download and listen to the Message titled- ‘Looking Unto Jesus’ preached by the Prophet Messenger ‘William Marrion Branham’ via this link audio message

Type in the title of the message, ‘Looking Unto Jesus’ into the search box and click ‘go’. Download by clicking the audio icon.

Kindly click on the PDF version of the message below and read.

64-0122 Looking Unto Jesus VGR

8 Hear people say, “Look.” If they mention the word look, means, “to pay attention, look up, or to look at, and look out.”

9 And now God is saying here, “Look unto Me. I am God, and there is none other.”

10 And I wonder, in a time that we are living in now, what could we look to that would be more solid than God? And God is the Word, so look to the Word of God, today, for your answer. The Bible has the answer for this day. It’s had it for other days. It’s got it forever, because it is Christ the same yesterday, today and forever.

11 The Bible has the answer, because the Bible is the revelation of Jesus Christ, being revealed since the foundation of the world. He has been revealed in the form of prophets, He has been revealed in the form of kings, He has been revealed in the form of law-givers, because that’s what He is: King, Prophet, Law-Giver, and God.

     Now, He said, “Look to Me.”

12 And you say, “I’ve done that.” It depends on what you looked at, determines what you look at, is where and what you look for Him for. What are you looking at? What purpose do you have in looking at Him? It only depends on what you look for, that’s what you find.”

– Extract from the Sermon Message ‘Looking Unto Jesus’

Preached by the Prophet Messenger, William Marrion Branham

64-0122 (Phoenix AZ)



SUNDAY SERVICE – 6th of August, 2017

Ministering: Pastor Barnabas

Topic: The Mark Of The Beast

Text: Revelation 13



Events are happening

Prophecies are manifesting

History is fulfilling and God is not keeping us in darkness concerning His Will.


Note- We will continue to do housekeeping in our lives.


All things that are happening now, surely must come, JESUS declared all of them.

– That is why you’re not in darkness

Let’s do housekeeping in every way.


“We are little assembly with a mighty God- don’t belittle yourself.”

– What you have heard here, let it contribute into your life.

You can support the work of God by prayers that move mountains.


“The outreach that is going out, people are responding with joy.”

That’s why we need to encourage ourselves.

– Because the Word of God must go out.


Sub-text: Lamentations 3:22-23


The Foolish Virgins and their Tribulations will go out next on YouTube.

– There is need for warning, because events and fulfilling fast.



Between The book of Daniel and the book of Revelation are almost 800 years apart.

– Between AD90 (when the Book of Revelation was written) and now is over thousand years apart.

“God is fulfilling His Word.”


This is not the time again to be careless. No time to do what you used to do again. The door may close.

– You the Bride of Christ should be more thirsty for lost souls.


Today, we will listen to the message, the mark of the beast

The opposite of the mark of the beast is the seal of God.

– The Prophet (Brother William Marrion Branham) preached the two messages.

“If you don’t have the seal of God, you will have the mark of the beast.”

– You cannot work for both of them.


“Please, let’s take the Word of God serious.”

– God will bless you as you listen.


Video on micro managing employees

Luke 21:36


The mark of the beast

Revelation 13:8-18


From AD90 to 2017:

The first 2000 years, the waters of Noah

The next 2000 years, the coming of Christ for our salvation

The coming 2000 years, the pending judgment upon the world


– We are living on borrowed time.


The mark of the beast is not something you pray for your enemy.


What seal are you having brother?


Sermon Message- The Mark Of The Beast (1954)

54-0513 The Mark Of The Beast VGR


In closing:

Matthew 23:1-39


Who are the Scribes and Pharisees of our days? Denominations of our days!

– There are already woes placed on them.


Note- Any connection with Catholic is the mark of the beast.

“All these shall come to pass upon this Church age – Laodicea church age.”

– O Church, o Church… This warning is to the church today!


Warning- Embark on housekeeping


Do listen to the complete audio message from the Church Service here Audio Church Message

Remain blessed.


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